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Lecture & Speech


The 7th Para-curatorial SymposiumSouth of the South: Rhetorics of Geography and Imageries of Delinking

Guangdong Times Museum. Guangzhou. December. 2018

Photo Talks 25: Musquiqui Chihying xFigure, Flash, Camera

Video Online

Lightbox Photo Library. Taipei Taiwan. February. 2017

Eat Forum: Artist Talk #7 - Musquiqui Chihying

Etat Forum, Taipei Taiwan. December. 2015

Lecture: The Restaurant

Kontext-Labor-Berna, Berlin, Germany. July. 2015

“Al-mashaa” or the Space of the Common

Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Germany. October. 2013


Sound & Music—————————————————————

Song Route : Songs of SPECX
was a broadcast performance in Rijksakademie Live Radio
by three artists WU Chi-Yu, SHEN Sum-Sum, Musquiqui Chihying
on 27. November 2015 in Rijksakademie, Amsterdam.
Performance from 1:22:00 - 1:44:00

Deutsch decreases my will (16 bit)

德意志消磨我的意志 (16 bit)

was an unfinished song made in 2011.

Loaches Catching (8 bit)

捉泥鰍 (8 bit)

was released in 2009 along with the art project "Sponge Project",

as background music of performance.

"Apple Bonkers"

is the song from the music band "Mosquilephant".

The remix version was produced in 2009

Funny Things


  the satellite and the tree  
 28 sec

  the jockey  
 23 sec

  the noise hill  
 78 sec

  the noice  
 11 sec